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A world map of places to track the weather

Track how long the days are and how warm it is at different places all over the world

You can track the changing seasons for yourself. Try writing down in a notebook every day what time it gets light out, or what time it gets dark, where you live. You should do it for at least a month to be able to see the time change. Graph the times on a line graph. Are the days getting longer or shorter? Why is that?

On this website, you can see when the sun comes up in different places. Try tracking the sunrise at the South Pole, halfway between the South Pole and the Equator (in Christchurch, New Zealand), at the Equator (in Nairobi, Kenya), half-way between the Equator and the North Pole (in Salem, Oregon), and at the North Pole (close enough at Oqsuqtooq, Canada). (Or use towns where you know people, and ask them to write down the time that the sun comes up.) Make a graph showing separate lines for each place. What differences do you see? Why?

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