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Painted symmetrical abstract image

Mandala from Dunhuang Caves, 900s AD – make your own mandala project

What is a mandala?

The Indian word “mandala” means a circle. Buddhists all over East Asia made mandalas as a kind of meditation, to give themselves time to think about creating order and harmony in the world.

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What do mandalas look like?

A mandala is about symmetry, balance, and calm. In Tibet, people often make mandalas out of colored sand. These designs are beautiful, but they only last one day and then people sweep them up. They remind people that nothing lasts forever, and change is part of life.

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A mandala drawn on a paper plate

An Earth Day mandala that kids made in Australia – Mandala project

Make your own mandala

You can make a mandala out of colored sand, or by drawing in the sand at the beach, or with a pencil or colored markers on a piece of paper. You can make your mandala alone, or as part of a group, each making their own piece of the mandala and learning to work cooperatively.

What will be at the center of your mandala? What kinds of things will go around the outside? How many rings will your mandala have? Will you save your mandala project, or say goodbye to it when you are done?

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