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The Islamic holiday of Ramadan moves slowly backward through Earth’s seasons, because the Islamic calendar is slightly shorter than the solar year. A few years ago, Ramadan fell in the beginning of summer, but now it has arrived back in April. That makes for an easier fast, with the nights (when you can eat) longer and the days (when you must fast) shorter. An easy fast, to all of you who observe Ramadan!

Traditionally, the nights of Ramadan are full of parties, as people stay up late eating special Ramadan recipes. This year, with the lockdowns, Ramadan will be sadder, and lonely for many people. It may be difficult to get the ingredients for beloved Ramadan recipes. But take heart! Over the last fourteen centuries, many people have celebrated Ramadan under difficult circumstances. This year, remember them, and their courage, and stand proud to be keeping up such a long tradition. doesn’t have an article specifically about Ramadan (yet), but we do have articles on the religion of Islam in general, and on Eid al-Adha.