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What is hemp cloth? Chinese clothing

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Wild hemp plant Before people ever thought of using it for anything, hemp grew wild all over Central Asia, India, and East Asia. It's related to cabbage plants. Probably hemp began to grow near where people lived on its own, without any help from people. Hemp likes to grow where the ground has [...]

Were there slaves in ancient China?

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An enslaved woman dancer from the Han Dynasty Slavery in Stone Age China Some people in China were probably forced into slavery as long ago as the Stone Age. Probably slavery was a way to pay off the debts that farmers can't help falling into, or a punishment for stealing. History of slavery Debt and [...]

Kublai Khan and the Yuan Dynasty – Mongols in China

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Kublai Khan of the Yuan Dynasty Who were the Mongols? In 1276 AD, when the Mongols invaded and took over China, they had already been ruling a large empire for about fifty years. Their empire stretched from India and Russia to northern China and Korea. Genghis Khan and the Mongols More about Korea All [...]

Yuan Dynasty Chinese art – Mongols in China

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Yuan Dynasty china bowls Mongols and Chinese art You might think that the invasion of the Mongols in 1279 AD would have killed off a lot of artists and there wouldn't be much good art during this time, but that's not true. Or, you might think that Chinese artists would begin to paint in [...]

Yuan Dynasty Architecture – Mongols in China

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Yonglegong Taoist temple in Shangxi (1247 AD) When the Mongols conquered China in the 1200s AD, they did not bring in their own architecture, but continued the older Song Dynasty styles. People built many new Buddhist temples, but they also kept on building Taoist temples. The Mongol capital Dadu was near Beijing, and [...]

Toregene and Kublai Khan – Mongol Empire History

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Coin of Toregene Toregene ruled the Mongol Empire for five years. By then she was not in good health - she was about 55 years old. She passed on her power to her son Guyuk in 1246 AD and went into retirement, where she died less than two years later. Mongke Khan [...]