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3 09, 2017

Who were the Etruscans? History of Italy

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Etruscan tomb sculpture: the Etruscans liked fancy tombs From Villanovans to Etruscans Around 700 BC, the Bronze Age people we call the Villanovans started to get ideas from the Greeks and Phoenicians who were sailing around the Mediterranean. They started to do things the way the Greeks and the Carthaginians did them. Historians call these people the Etruscans (ee-TRUSS-kins). Who were the [...]

2 09, 2017

Bronze Age Rome – History of Rome

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A gold cup from northern Italy (ca. 1800 BC) is like Bronze Age gold cups from Germany and England and may show that there was trading going on all across Bronze Age Europe. When did Italy's bronze age start? Very early on, about 5000 BC, Stone Age people in northern Italy were mining [...]

27 06, 2017

Iron Age art of northern Europe

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Iron Age art: Villanovan cremation urn with helmet on top (ca. 900 BC) Is it okay to represent people? In the beginning of the Iron Age, about 1000 BC, people in Europe were still reluctant to represent the human form. The Villanovan cremation urns are just clay pots made to hold people's ashes, but [...]