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Persephone project – Greek mythology

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Persephone project: Hades kidnaps Persephone (Greek painting from the Hellenistic period) Put on a play for your class, or make a short film about Persephone, or write a book or a song about Persephone. Send it to us here at (or send us a link to the YouTube video), and we'll put [...]

Sodium explosions – Science project – Chemistry

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Sodium exploding on contact with water You really shouldn't experiment with sodium at home, because it blows up. When sodium touches water, it mixes with the water so that two atoms of sodium and two moleculesof water (hydrogen and oxygen) make two molecules of acid (sodium hydroxide) and one molecule of hydrogen. Then [...]

Playing with Mercury video – Chemistry Projects

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Unfortunately, you should not play around with mercury because it can be poisonous. It's hard to get these days anyway, now that they don't sell mercury fever thermometers anymore. But you can watch other people playing around with mercury in this video:   A video of people playing around with liquid mercury, or quicksilver Does [...]