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What is a vacuole? Parts of a cell – Biology

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Vacuoles in an amoeba (a one-celled eukaryote) Vacuoles are little pockets in the cytoplasm of a cell where a cell stores food. You can see them with a good light microscope. Vacuoles are mostly made of water and amino acids. They have a lipid membrane around them to keep out the salty water [...]

Vacuoles – Soap bubble project – Cell biology

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A child blows soap bubbles You can see how the lipid membranes around the cell and around the vacuoles seal themselves off using soap bubbles. Soap bubbles are a kind of lipid membrane. They're not exactly the same as cell membranes, but they're made of fat molecules and they act the same way. [...]

Cell digestion – Parts of a cell – Cell Biology

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Amoeba - a one-celled organism - Cell digestion How do cells get energy? All cells have to have some way to get energy from outside themselves, or they will starve to death. The earliest, simplest cells, about 3.5 billion years ago, got their food by drifting around in the ocean until they came [...]