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What did people wear for underwear?

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Assyrian working man on a boat Underneath their linen tunics or dhotis, most West Asian men probably wore a strip of linen cloth wrapped around their hips like modern underwear, with the end tucked in to hold it tight. Unlike ancient Egyptians, West Asian men generally don't seem to have wrapped their cloth between their legs. Instead they wore [...]

European clothing – 1800s

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Italian peasant, about 1850 (by Pierre Louis Dubourcq) At the very end of the 1700s AD, the invention of the cotton gin meant that the new country of the United States of America could produce tons of cotton very cheaply - if they forced people to work as slaves so the work was very cheap. European traders stopped getting their cotton from India and [...]

Machine-made clothing – Europe 1600s-1800s

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India cotton (1600s AD) In the early 1600s AD, traders began to bring cotton cloth to Europe on sailing ships from India. People thought this cotton cloth was very convenient - it was pretty, with patterns of flowers on it, and it was easier to wash than linen or wool, and cooler in the summer. With the Industrial Revolution of the late [...]