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European food history – Renaissance to today

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European food history: An early chocolate house Trade brings new foods During the 1500s and 1600s AD, European traders brought back all kinds of new foods from places they sailed to around the world. Rich people began to eat sugar and ginger from India. (Combining these two new foods together gave us the gingerbread man). Chocolate, coffee, and tea They [...]

History of Tofu in China – Medieval China

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Tofu looking super yummy! The first people to write about tofu were writers from the Song Dynasty in China, about 900 AD. Those Song Dynasty writers thought tofu had been invented by a Taoist prince of the Han Dynasty, Liu An, about 100 AD. But tofu might be even earlier: the Greek historian Herodotus, [...]

Food in ancient China – rice and tea

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Chinese food Chinese food: rice Rice was the first grain that people farmed in China, and rice is such a basic food in China that the Chinese words for "cook" and "eat" both include the word for "rice". At first people picked wild rice. But people were farming rice along the Yang-tse River [...]

Food in Qing Dynasty China

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Chinese sweet potato noodles In 1506 AD, the first Portuguese sailing ships - led by Columbus' cousin - reached China, and then more and more European ships came. These European ships brought (among other things) many new foods to China. Chinese people already knew about European food, but the traders brought new foods [...]