4 08, 2017

Lawyer’s Tale – Chaucer – Canterbury Tales

By |2019-11-03T18:29:34-08:00August 4th, 2017|Literature, Medieval|Comments Off on Lawyer’s Tale – Chaucer – Canterbury Tales

The Lawyer's Tale: This is probably a picture of either the real Constantina or her mother Helena (Santa Costanza church, Rome) The Lawyer's Tale In the time of the Roman Empire, [...]

23 07, 2017

Medieval Islamic government

By |2019-10-02T10:32:23-07:00July 23rd, 2017|Africa, Government, Islam, West Asia|Comments Off on Medieval Islamic government

Islamic government: The Umayyad caliph Muawiyah Caliphs and viziers From the beginning, the Islamic Empire was a monarchy like the Roman Empire or the Sassanian Empire before it. One man ruled the Islamic Empire. [...]

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