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2 06, 2017

What is sulphur? Atoms, elements, chemistry

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Diagram of a sulphur atom Sulphur atoms fall near the middle of the scale: they are heavier than silicon but lighter than iron. Every atom of sulphur has 16 protons and generally 16 neutrons. Like silicon and iron, all atoms of sulphur are made inside stars that are getting older and have used [...]

2 06, 2017

What is phosphorus? Atoms, elements, chemistry

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Diagram of a phosphorus atom Phosphorus atoms have fifteen protons and sixteen neutrons, so they're just a little lighter than sulphur atoms, in the middle of the range for atoms. Stars make phosphorus when two oxygen atoms get very hot and squash together into one phosphorus atom. All living things, both plants and [...]

1 06, 2017

Sulphur, eggs, and matches – Chemistry project

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A hard-boiled egg To check out some sulphur for yourself, take an ordinary chicken egg and hard-boil it for about twelve minutes. Then break it open and smell the yellow yolk. That's the smell of hydrogen sulfide - a molecule made of hydrogen and sulphur. Now you can eat the egg for lunch (try [...]