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14 09, 2017

Who were the Lydians? West Asian history

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A Lydian gold coin King Gyges About 687 BC, according to the Greek historian Herodotus, King Gyges started the new country of Lydia (LID-ee-ah), in modern Turkey where the Hittites had ruled before the Dark Age. Who were the Hittites? When was Herodotus writing? Now that the Assyrian Empire had collapsed, and the Neo-Babylonians were not very strong, it was pretty [...]

7 07, 2017

What was the Ionian revolt?

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Theater of Miletus Cyrus the Great In 539 BC, Cyrus the Great made himself the King of Kings. He ruled all of West Asia. Along the coast of Anatolia (modern Turkey), Cyrus conquered the Lydians. Who were the Lydians? Who was Cyrus the Great? All our West Asia articles Then Cyrus conquered the [...]