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8 08, 2017

Blackfoot history – Native Americans

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Montana landscape with a moose calf wading People we call Athabascans or Dene lived in Blackfoot territory (modern Montana and Canada) in the Paleo-Indian period, by around 10,000 BC. They lived by hunting and gathering. They hunted mammoth, and gathered eggs and wild plants. By 6000 BC, in the Archaic period, the climate warmed up, so the big animals like mammoth became [...]

27 07, 2017

Stone Age Japan – Japanese history

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Jomon carving of a killer whale, ca. 3000 BC - Stone Age Japan The first people in Japan People probably first reached Japan from two directions around the same time. Some people came north from Southeast Asia or Australia, in boats along the coast. These people were descended from the first people who left Africa [...]

5 06, 2017

Stone Age Chinese architecture – Early China

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Goddess Temple, Niuheliang People in China started to build houses instead of living in caves about 5000 BC. That was about five thousand years later than the first houses in Jericho, but only a thousand years later than the first houses in Greece. People in Stone Age China built different kinds of houses depending [...]