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Religion in the Mughal Empire

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Taj Mahal In the 1500s and 1600s AD, many Europeans and West Asians tried to force other people to believe in their religion and their God. In the Americas, the Spanish forced millions of Aztec, Maya, and Quechua people to become Christians. European wars erupted between Catholics and Protestants. In West Asia, the [...]

Deccan kingdoms in India

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Deccan kingdoms: Krishna Deva Raya (possibly), ca. 1500 AD India when Europeans arrived In 1498 AD, when Vasco da Gama first sailed to Calicut in south India, most of South India was part of the Vijayanagara Empire, which was very strong and still growing fast. Vijayanagara Empire Vasco da Gama All our India articles The Deccan Sultanates [...]

T’ang Dynasty architecture – medieval China

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Longmen Caves (493-900 AD) By the time of the T'ang Dynasty, in the 600s AD, people were bringing together the Buddhist and Taoist traditions in China to create a new unified Chinese artistic style. At the Longmen Caves, sculptors carved many Buddhas and bodhisatvas in this new style. The T'ang emperors also built themselves [...]

Later Chinese religion – 1500 to the present

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In 1500 AD, most people in China prayed to their traditional gods. The most accepted philosophy was Taoism. But many other people were Buddhists, and rejected Taoism. Because of the Mongol Empire and the Silk Road, more and more people in China were Muslims, as well. In the 1540s, the Ming Dynasty Emperor Jiajing, who [...]