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History of Hunting – Running, Nets, Bows

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People have been hunting for a long, long time; even monkeys hunt meat with sticks. So men and women have been hunting since before they even became people. The oldest kind of hunting may be persistence hunting. You just keep chasing an animal until it is too tired to run anymore. Then you come close and [...]

History of fishing – fishing nets, shellfish, boats

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People probably began fishing in Africa, very early on in human history. Neanderthals were fishing by about 200,000 BC. Modern humans were gathering shellfish at Blombos Cave in South Africa by about 100,000 BC. The first people who left Africa, about 60,000 years ago, may have been following schools of fish along the African coast, [...]

Spinning rope and fishing nets

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Roman mosaic of a fishing net, Hippo Regius, Algeria (200s AD) All of the cloth used in the ancient world was made with thread produced by hand spinning in this very slow way. There are different methods: the spinning whorl can be at the top of the spindle or at the bottom, and [...]

History of spinning – Hand spindles

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Hand spindles with whorls Spinning has probably been around almost as long as people have. Every group of people known on earth at least knows how to pick some long grass or animal hair (or some of their own hair) and roll it back and forth along their leg or between their hands [...]