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25 07, 2017

Mullah Nasruddin – Islamic Stories

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Grapes on a Seljuk period plate Nasruddin lived in the time of the Seljuk Sultans. One day Nasruddin was coming from the vineyard with baskets of grapes on his donkey. The children crowded around Nasruddin. "Give us some grapes!" they cried. "Let us taste them!" Nasruddin picked up a bunch of grapes and pulled one grape - [...]

6 06, 2017

Zen Koans – Medieval Buddhism in China

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Song Dynasty painting (now in Kyoto Museum) In the 1200s AD, under the Song Dynasty, the Chinese Buddhist monk Wumen collected a bunch of Zen koans, or stories, in a book we call The Gateless Gate. These are a few of those stories: Blow Out the Candle Ryutan was Tokusan's Zen teacher. One [...]