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Who were the Nestorians? History of Christianity

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A Nestorian cross on a tombstone from Kazakhstan (1300s AD) In 428 AD, when Pulcheria and Eudocia were running the Roman Empire, a bishop named Nestorius became the Patriarch of Constantinople. That's like being the Pope but for people in the Eastern Empire. Nestorius didn't like the idea that Jesus was both a man and a god at the same time. Nestorius thought [...]

Khitan – History of Central Asia

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Khitan woman, ca. 1000 AD (Musee Guimet, Paris) The Khitan are part of the big group of Turkic and Altaic language speakers from Central Asia who gradually got more and more power during the Middle Ages. By 300 AD, the Khitan were already living in the eastern part of Central Asia, north of [...]

Russian Revolution – History of Russia

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Lenin By the late 1800s, people in Asia were looking at the new republican governments in Europe and the United States, and beginning to ask why they couldn't vote for their leaders too. As in China at the same time, many people wanted to have factories and machines the way people did in [...]