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11 09, 2017

Safavid Empire – Iran in the 1600s

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Safavid Iran: the Battle of Hormuz Abbas fights Nur Jahan Abbas, the Shah of Iran, after conquering most of what is now Iraq from the Ottomans, turned east again and took Kandahar (now in southern Afghanistan) from Nur Jahan of the Mughal Empire in 1622. Who was Nur Jahan? Ottomans and Sofia Baffo Queen Elizabeth [...]

19 07, 2017

The end of the Mughal Empire in India

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Taj Mahal, the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal When the Mughal emperor Jahangir died in 1627, his third son, Shah Jahan, became the new emperor. He immediately imprisoned his stepmother Nur Jahan so he could rule himself. Shah Jahan married Nur Jahan's niece, Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal were very close. She had fourteen children, but [...]