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28 08, 2017

Republican temples – ancient Rome – architecture

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A victory temple from Republican Rome Like the Egyptians, the West Asians, the Carthaginians, the Greeks and theEtruscans before them, the Romans built many temples for their gods. One of the first buildings we know of in Rome is the Capitoline Temple, which was built on top of the Capitoline Hill under the kings of Rome. It was a temple for three gods, Jupiter, Junoand Minerva. [...]

1 07, 2017

What’s the Ionic order?

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Ionic order: the parts of an Ionic temple A new way to build temples Around 500 BC, Greek architectural styles changed so that instead of building temples in the old Doric style, people began to want their new temples for the gods to be built in the new Ionic style. What's the Doric [...]