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15 07, 2017

Herakles and the hydra – Labors of Herakles

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Herakles fights the Hydra (Athenian red-figure vase, ca. 475 BC, Palermo, Sicily) Another labor for Herakles King Eurystheus then told Herakles he had to go kill the Hydra for another one of his labors. The Hydra was a huge snake with seven heads. Why does Herakles do labors? More Greek myths All our ancient Greece articles Harder [...]

28 05, 2017

What is a hydra? Animal Biology and Evolution

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Hydra evolution: a hydra budding new hydras Before the hydra For almost three billion years, the only living things on earth were one-celled creatures, either prokaryotes or eukaryotes. What's a prokaryote? And a eukaryote? All our biology articles Early multi-cellular creatures Even today, the vast majority of the living things on earth are one-celled creatures [...]

27 05, 2017

Reproductive System – Evolution and Biology

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Reproduction: Hydra budding new hydras RNA and DNA molecules The first form of reproduction began about four billion years ago, when first RNA molecules and then DNA molecules began to make new copies of themselves by letting amino acids hook on to the parent molecule and then splitting them off. All reproduction since then [...]