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Who is Hephaistos? Ancient Greek gods

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The Greek god Hephaistos' forge is a volcano. What is Hephaistos god of? The Greek god Hephaistos (heh-FAIS-toss) is the blacksmith god, the god of volcanoes and hot fires and smelting metal ore to make iron. People said he lived inside volcanoes, and when they erupted it was because Hephaistos was moving around. More about volcanoes Iron and [...]

Who is Aphrodite? Greek goddess

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Birth of the goddess Aphrodite (from Pompeii, about 50 AD) The goddess of love Aphrodite (a-fro-DIE-tee) was the Greek goddess of love. So naturally she was always falling in love with somebody. Or somebody was falling in love with her. Aphrodite is one of the oldest goddesses, the daughter of Ouranos. In some [...]

Who was Hesiod? Greek literature

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Who was Hesiod? In Works and Days, Hephaistos creates Pandora Who was Hesiod? An early Greek writer People in ancient Greece learned about the new alphabet way of writing about 750 BC. Right away they used writing to write down the stories and poems that they knew. Homer used the alphabet to write the Iliad [...]