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European religion – history of religion

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Catholic monks and nuns In 1500 AD, most people in Europe were Christians. A fair number of Europeans were Jewish, and some were Muslims, especially in Eastern Europe. The Christians were split into two big groups - the Orthodox Christians, who mainly lived in Eastern Europe, and the Catholics, who mainly lived in Western Europe. During the [...]

Henry VIII of England – The Tudors

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Henry VIII When Henry VII died in 1509, his son Henry VIII became king of England. He was only 18 years old, but he grabbed his power and ran with it. Like the Ottoman sultans, like Francis I in France, and like Charles Quint in the rest of Europe at the same time, Henry VIII worked to make his country more [...]

Prince and the Pauper project

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Edward VI Mark Twain wrote "The Prince and the Pauper" about the young prince Edward in the days just before and just after the death of his father, Henry VIII. You can learn a lot about England in the time of Henry VIII and Edward VI by reading this book - plus, it's a great story! [...]