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27 06, 2017

Iron Age in northern Europe

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Vix crater: a large bronze jar for mixing wine made in Greece and found in a rich woman's tomb in central France (ca. 500 BC) - Iron Age Europe Settlers arrive from other places About 1000 BC, Greek and Phoenician colonists were settling all around the Mediterranean Sea, and bringing more and more [...]

27 06, 2017

Who were the Illyrians?

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Red arrow shows where Hallstatt is - later the center of the Illyrians ' power. Salt-mining in Central Europe About 5000 BC, not long before the end of the Stone Age, the Hallstatt group of people in Central Europe, in what is now Austria, began to dig salt out of salt mines and [...]

27 06, 2017

Early European economy – northern Europe

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Abrigo del Ciervo, Spain, ca. 6000 BC: Early European economy Hunting and gathering The first people in Europe lived by hunting and gathering; they probably had both dogs and bows and arrows to help them by the time they arrived. Stone Age Northern Europe History of dogs Who invented the bow and arrow? [...]