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17 08, 2017

Sound and pitch – Vibrations – Physics

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Guitars can make sound of different pitches by using strings of different thicknesses When two things hit against each other, they set up a vibration that reaches your ear as a sound. Different things make different vibrations when they hit, and that's why you hear high notes and low notes. Things that vibrate quickly make small [...]

17 08, 2017

Shoebox guitar project – Sound – Physics

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You can make a guitar out of a shoebox and rubber bands Begin by making some loud noises, like hitting a drum and clapping your hands. Can you feel the vibration? Can you see the vibration of the drum? What if you hit harder, smaller things? Tap a drinking glass with a metal [...]

25 05, 2017

History of Music and Musical Instruments

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A rock gong in Africa from the Stone Age People have been making music almost as long as there have been people, probably for at least a hundred thousand years. The earliest music, in Africa, was probably clapping hands and singing. Soon people also began to bang on hollow logs and knock sticks [...]