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Love stories and the history of love

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Hades and Persephone in the underworld People have been falling in love for hundreds of thousands of years, since they were monkeys and not really even people yet. And they have been telling stories about famous lovers for probably almost that long. Our earliest love stories go back to about 2500 BC, when [...]

The earth in Greek astronomy

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The earth in Greek astronomy: The Greeks never saw this view of the earth from space! Gaia and the Earth Early Greeks thought of the Earth as the goddess Gaia, the mother of everything. Like a mother, the Earth gave food to people. By the time of Homer's Odyssey, Greek sailors knew the outline of the Mediterranean and [...]

Who is Gaia? Greek goddess (with Uranus, Cronus, and Rhea)

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Gaia is the earth. Many people in classical Greece believed that at the beginning of time there was only one being, which they called Chaos. (This is not unlike the Jewish idea that "the earth was without form, and void.") Out of Chaos then came the earth, a goddess called Gaia, and the sky, a god called Ouranos [...]