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Parthenon frieze – Greek architecture

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Parthenon frieze - seated goddesses On the Parthenon's frieze, Pheidias carved a long procession of Athenians, with girls in the front, bringing a new dress for the goddess Athena to her temple. A scene from the Parthenon frieze: bringing the new dress for the goddess Most of the carving was done [...]

What’s the Ionic order?

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Around 500 BC, Greek architectural styles changed so that instead of building temples in the old Doric style, people began to want their new temples for the gods to be built in the new Ionic style. Ionic temples are a little fancier and more delicate than Doric temples, without being as elaborate as Corinthian temples. [...]

What is a frieze? History of Art

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Parthenon frieze (Athens, Greece, 440s BC) A frieze (pronounced FREEZE) is a long narrow band of sculpture that runs along the architrave of a Greek temple or another building. One of the most famous friezes is the one on the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. In this photograph of a Roman temple, you can [...]