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6 06, 2017

Ming Dynasty China – Chinese History

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Hung-Wu Emperor (National Palace Museum, Taipei) After the Hungwu Emperor threw the Mongols out in 1368 AD, he established the Ming Dynasty. But the Hungwu Emperor's power was still pretty weak after the Mongol invasion. He only ruled China from the Great Wall to the east of Tibet - smaller borders than modern [...]

5 06, 2017

Ming Dynasty Architecture – Forbidden City

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Hall of Supreme Harmony Forbidden City (Beijing, 1406 AD) - Ming Dynasty Architecture What's the Forbidden City? Early Ming Emperors built Taoist temples to show their power, like the Golden Hall in the Wudang Mountains. But the great achievement of the Ming Dynasty architects was that they built the great palace called the [...]

5 06, 2017

Forbidden City Story Project – Medieval China

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A man writing (Ming Dynasty China) Read Study Guide's article about the Ming Dynasty Forbidden City very carefully. Then write a story that takes place in the Forbidden City. In your story, have the people move around in realistic ways from room to room and from building to building. Is your story a mystery? [...]