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How do eukaryote cells move? Cell biology

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Human sperm cells with flagella (under a microscope) About two billion years ago, the first eukaryote cells evolved from the earlier prokaryote cells. These eukaryote cells also evolved a new way to move themselves around. Even though some eukaryote cells have flagella that look like the ones in prokaryote cells, they don't work the same [...]

How do cells move around? Cell biology

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Bacterium with a flagellum(under a microscope) The simplest cells, developing about four billion years ago, had no way to control their own movement. They lived in the oceans, and they floated wherever the water took them. Sometimes they found food there, and sometimes they didn't. Many cells still live this way. By around [...]

What’s an eyespot? Evolution of eyes – Biology

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Euglena with red eyespot (thanks to Sharon Mooney) About two billion years ago, or maybe a little later, some eukaryote cells developed the ability to see. The cells that had evolved the ability to photosynthesize needed light in order to make their food. So it was important to these cells to be able [...]