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Japanese food history

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Japanese sushi The very earliest people who lived in Japan, starting about 40,000 years ago, lived mainly on fish caught from the sea, though they sometimes hunted local deer or other animals for their meat and they collected plenty of nuts and pears, too, and ate lots of seaweed with their fish. They picked sudachi fruit (like limes) and squeezed [...]

History of wine and grapes – West Asia

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History of wine: White grapes on the vine Grapes grow abundantly and reliably in the West Asian climate, and taste good, and even gatherers ate wild grapes (which are smaller than domesticated grapes). But the best thing about grapes has always been that you can ferment them into wine. This has several advantages. [...]

History of fishing – fishing nets, shellfish, boats

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People probably began fishing in Africa, very early on in human history. Neanderthals were fishing by about 200,000 BC. Modern humans were gathering shellfish at Blombos Cave in South Africa by about 100,000 BC. The first people who left Africa, about 60,000 years ago, may have been following schools of fish along the African coast, [...]

History of Pottery – Clay Pottery

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History of pottery: Philistine pottery (compare Mycenaean Greek pottery) Pottery is dishes, plates, cups, cooking pots, and storage jars made out of clay. People make dishes and pots out of clay for several reasons. Clay is cheap and easy to get, pretty much anybody can make a useful pot out of it, and you [...]