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Laon Cathedral – Laon, France

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Laon Cathedral, France(begun 1160 AD) In 1100 AD, Laon was a very rich town in northern France, with strong walls and a lot of farmland. It's on top of a high hill, so Laon (pronounced LON but you can just barely hear the N) was pretty much safe from enemies. The king of France had put Laon under [...]

Parts of a Church – Architecture

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Notre Dame of Paris (1160s AD) Medieval architects designed most Romanesque and Gothic churches starting with the design of a Roman basilica. But many churches added a part coming out crossways. That made the whole church take the shape of a cross. It gave you more room for people to see the mass. And it reminded people how Jesus died on [...]

Amiens cathedral – medieval France

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Façade of Amiens cathedral in France Amiens is not far from Reims, in northern France, and when the bishop of Reims began building a big new cathedral in 1211 AD, naturally the bishop of Amiens wanted one too. In fact, Bishop Evrard of Amiens was determined to have the biggest cathedral in France, so he built his nave 138 feet high - [...]