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Where do camels come from?

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History of camels: A group of camels North American wild camels Wild camels first originated in North America. Before the last Ice Age, they spread from North America to East Asia. From East Asia, camels reached Central Asia and Iran and Arabia. Other camels moved south to South America, where they became llamas and [...]

What is an aurochs? Central Asian Environment

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Cave painting of a herd of aurochs (about 14000 BC) Around fifty million years ago, after the dinosaurs died, large mammals started to evolve from smaller mammals that came earlier. Because grass had evolved only recently, about 100 million years ago, there weren't yet very many animals that ate grass, so some of these larger [...]

What are dinosaurs? Evolution and Biology

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Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur (American Museum of Natural History) The first dinosaurs evolved out of earlier types of chordate reptiles about 230 million years ago, on the big land mass called Pangaea. At that time, all of the land on earth was stuck together in one big continent. Like other reptiles, dinosaurs were generally cold-blooded [...]