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Eukaryotes project – Eukaryotes and Microscopes – Biology Activities

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Human cheek cells (seen through a microscope at 400X) The best way to understand cells better is to look at some through a microscope. If you don't have a microscope yourself, try going to a science museum or try to raise money to get one for your school. You can also get microscope [...]

What is cytoplasm? Parts of a cell – Cell Biology

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What is cytoplasm? A very simple cell (seen through a microscope) What is cytoplasm? Inside all cells, from the most simple to the most complicated, there is cytoplasm. Cytoplasm is what all the rest of the stuff inside the cell floats in. Parts of a cell Evolution of cells All our biology articles [...]

What is a sponge? Porifera, Evolution, and Biology

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A group of brightly colored sponges in the ocean For almost three billion years, the only living things on earth were one-celled creatures, either prokaryotes or eukaryotes. Even today, the vast majority of the living things on earth are one-celled creatures, or microbes. But about 600 million years ago, a few one-celled creatures [...]

How do eyes work? Evolution and Biology

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A flatworm with eye-spots Eyespots came first Living creatures have been able to tell if it's light out or not  for about two billion years. That's when some eukaryote cells evolved to be able to sense changes in their surroundings and react to them. More about eyespots The Proterozoic Eukaryote flagella All our biology articles For [...]