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What are eukaryotes? Cell biology

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A eukaryote cell (seen through a microscope) full of chloroplasts Around two billion years ago, when all cells still lived in the ocean, a few of the earliest cells, or prokaryotes, evolved into more complicated cells called eukaryotes. They seem to have done this by enclosing several different kinds of prokaryotes inside another [...]

What are enzymes? Cell biology

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A model of an enzyme reacting with another molecule and breaking it into two pieces. Each little ball represents an atom.This enzyme, lysozyme, breaks up bacteria in your blood to keep you from getting sick. An enzyme is a kind of big, complicated protein molecule, made mainly of hydrogen and carbon atoms, but [...]

Cell digestion – Parts of a cell – Cell Biology

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Amoeba - a one-celled organism - Cell digestion How do cells get energy? All cells have to have some way to get energy from outside themselves, or they will starve to death. The earliest, simplest cells, about 3.5 billion years ago, got their food by drifting around in the ocean until they came [...]