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Jainism – religion in medieval India

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A Jain statue, possibly Mahavira, from about 1200 AD Nobody knows when people first began to follow Jain ideas. Some Jain traditions take their history back to about 2000 BC, in the Harappan period. The first definite evidence of Jain faith, though, comes from about 650 BC, with the Jain leader Parshvanatha. We don't know much for [...]

Indian architecture – Ancient India – History of Architecture

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Early Indian architecture: Rock-cut temples at Ajanta, India The Stone Age and the Bronze Age The earliest buildings anyone knows of from India are from Mehrgahr, from about 7000 BC. But the first real stone architecture dates to about 2500 BC, in the Harappan period in northern India (modern Pakistan). The Harappans built big cities, with walls around them [...]

Guptan temples – Indian architecture

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Tigawa temple, 350 AD When the Mauryan empire collapsed, about 200 BC, for more than five hundred years Indian leaders were too busy fighting wars against each other to build any big buildings. But around 350 AD some victorious leaders formed a new empire, the Guptan Empire. Once there was peace, people began to build again, and, for the first [...]

Ellora Caves – Indian architecture

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Outside of Carpenter's Cave, Ellora, about 575 AD In the Guptan period, architects in India were beginning to build more and more temples. The earlier Buddhist temples at Ajanta were not enough anymore. Starting about 550 AD, engineers cut thirty-five temples and monasteries into a cliff in north-western India, near Mumbai, at Ellora. Ellora was on the main [...]

Three Kingdoms Architecture – China

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Three Kingdoms architecture: Mogao Caves (366 AD and later) First Buddhist temples in China Beginning in 366 AD, people in China built the earliest Buddhist temples in China. These first Buddhist temples at Mogao were carved into caves in the side of cliffs, like the earlier Buddhist temples at Ajanta in India. Buddhist monks and [...]