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Madrassas – Islamic colleges

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Shirij Madrasa, Fez, Morocco, about 1350 AD If you had done well at your maktab (elementary school), your parents might decide to send you on to a madrassa (high school and college) when you were about fourteen years old. That's the same age as most kids today when they start high school. (But Ibn Khaldun and [...]

Schools in ancient Greece – Greek education

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Greek schools: The students stand before the teachers. Did ancient Greek kids go to school? Most Greek children never went to school at all. Girls, to begin with, always stayed with their mothers until they were married, either at home or working in the fields. Women in ancient Greece All our ancient Greece [...]

Ancient China – Education – History of Schools

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Ancient China education - a Chinese school (actually from the 1500s AD) Most kids in ancient and medieval China never got a chance to go to school at all. They had to work hard in the fields, planting rice or millet and weeding the vegetables. They fed the chickens, or took care of their little [...]