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What is silk? Ancient Chinese clothing

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Silkworms People make silk from the cocoons of silkworms. Have you ever seen a butterfly cocoon? It is just like that. You have to take zillions of these cocoons and unwind them carefully, and that makes long threads like spider webs, and you spin these together to make them thicker, and then weave [...]

Confucius’ Philosophy – Chinese Philosophy

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Confucius' philosophy: A later portrait of Confucius, from the provincial museum of Shandong, China Confucius' philosophy Confucius was a philosopher in ancient China, about 500 BC. Confucius' philosophy was that people could achieve peace by doing their duty, and cooperating with society. If people rebelled, and everyone tried to do his or her [...]

Confucius Life – the Chinese philosopher Confucius – Ancient China

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Confucius life: Later portrait of Confucius, from the provincial museum of Shandong, China Confucius' childhood The philosopher Confucius' main interest was to figure out ways for the government to do a better job of taking care of the people. He lived in China during the 500s BC, under the Eastern Zhou dynasty. Confucius [...]

Eastern Zhou Dynasty – Ancient Chinese History

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In 771 BC, skillful fighters from the northwest invaded China; they may have been the ancestors of the Huns. These Central Asians had figured out how to ride horses in war, and wanted to use their new cavalry to conquer northern China. The Zhou emperors retreated towards the Pacific Ocean and made a new capital [...]