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African History – Colonization and Independence

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Agadez mosque (Songhai, 1515, in Niger) Africa in 1500 AD Just before 1500 AD, Africa was suffering from a terrible drought probably caused by the Little Ice Age. All over Africa, empires had collapsed, and smaller kingdoms were trying to put themselves back together again. Medieval African History The Little Ice Age All our [...]

Medieval African Environment

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African environment: the Sahara Desert A drought in the High Middle Ages Another very bad drought hit Africa in the Middle Ages, in 963 AD. Again, the drought led to the collapse of the government in Egypt, and brought the Fatimids into power. This period of drought lasted until 1200-1202 AD, and many [...]

The Khoikhoi and the San – South African History

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Early Khoisan art from Blombos Cave, South Africa (ca. 80,000 BC) South Africans get isolated The people who became the Khoisan started to split off from other humans about 200,000 years ago (as DNA shows), and were completely separate from other people by 100,000 years ago. They arrived in South Africa, either walking [...]