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Girls and young women in West Asia

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West Asian girls: An enslaved woman stands behind a free Elamite woman who is spinning (600s BC) Women were oppressed In West Asia, even more than in most other state societies all over the world, men did not allow women to do all the things that men did. People valued women less than men, and [...]

St. Nicholas – Christian saints

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Nicholas hands the purses through the window to the poor girls (Chartres Cathedral, about 1200 AD) St. Nicholas is a Christian saint who is one source for the idea of Santa Claus. According to the story, Nicolas was born in the Roman Empire (in modern Turkey) about 270 AD. This was a time when a lot of people were [...]

What is a dowry? History of marriage

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Dowry: Peleus, future father of Achilles, greets the guests at his wedding; the bride Thetis waits inside the house (Sophilos; British Museum, ca. 580 BC) When did people start to exchange dowries? Beginning about as far back as there are any written records, about 3000 BC, people exchanged money as part of a marriage. The [...]

Ancient Greek family – Family relationships in ancient Greece

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An ancient Greek family: two women playing with little boys Ancient Greek family Most Greeks, like most other people throughout history, lived in families with a mother and a father and their children. History of the family Women in ancient Greece All our ancient Greece articles Usually men got married when they were [...]