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Who was Aristotle? – Greek philosophy – Ancient Greece

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Who was Aristotle? An ancient Egyptian papyrus with a scrap of Aristotle's "Politics" Aristotle's family Aristotle's father was Nicomachus, a doctor who lived near Macedon, in the north of Greece. (More about ancient Greek doctors) His mother Phaestis was from Euboea. She probably worked from home. So, unlike Socrates and Plato, Aristotle was [...]

Who was Demosthenes? ancient Greece

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Demosthenes Life of Demosthenes Demosthenes was born in Athens about 385 BC, in the Hellenistic period. He was an Athenian citizen from a rich family (though not a VERY rich family like Plato) and so he got a good education. Demosthenes' parents died when he was only seven years old, and his guardians [...]