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Stratus clouds – A blanket of cloud – Weather science

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Stratus clouds (thanks to NASA) If you see stratus clouds, that's the time to get inside and stay there. Stratus clouds mean rain if it is warm and snow if it is cold. They look like a huge gray blanket that hangs low in the sky. Sometimes stratus clouds are on the ground or very near the ground, [...]

What makes thunder and lightning? – Weather science

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A bolt of lightning in the sky Hot air and cold air are constantly moving around the Earth, as the hot air rises and the cold air sinks - that's what makes wind. Sometimes as this airmoves around, it gets more exciting than just wind, though. A thunderstorm begins when the wind picks up a lot of water from the [...]

Cumulus clouds – Weather – Science

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These are cumulus clouds. They are puffy. What is a cumulus cloud? Cumulus clouds are clouds that are piled up on top of each other. "Cumulus" means a pile in Latin, as in our word "accumulate" meaning to pile up. They are puffy clouds. (What are clouds made of?) Sometimes cumulus clouds are white and there [...]