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13 06, 2017

Egyptian houses – Ancient Egypt

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A model of an Egyptian house found in a tomb from the First Intermediate Period (about 2100 BC) Most Egyptian people lived in small houses like this one. The house was built out of mudbrick, with wooden beams holding up the flat mud roof. Our word "adobe" for mudbrick comes from the ancient [...]

4 06, 2017

Zhou Dynasty Architecture – Ancient China

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A fancy roof tile from the Zhou Dynasty By the time of the Zhou Dynasty, about 1100 BC, there seem to have been a lot of big palaces and shrines to people's ancestors. But nothing much is left of any of them for us to look at now. We know from stories and [...]

4 06, 2017

Ancient Chinese houses – Early China

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Ancient Chinese houses: Outside a typical Chinese house How much house could you afford? There were really two kinds of houses in ancient China. There were poor people's houses (which is most of them). And there were rich people's houses (there were not very many of these). Rich and poor in ancient China [...]