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Rice-cooking project – Stone Age China

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Rice-cooking project: A bowl of brown rice In China, people started to farm and eat rice in the Stone Age, about 8000 BC. You probably eat a lot of rice too, but do you know how to cook rice for yourself? Try these rice-cooking projects and get to understand rice better. How to cook rice [...]

Cooking pots – Copper science project – Chemistry

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Copper-bottomed cooking pot: a science project Why do pots have copper bottoms? Because heat and electricity are closely related, copper is also a good conductor of heat. This is why good cooking pots often have copper bottoms. What is copper? What is heat? All our chemistry projects Copper, iron, or aluminum pots? If [...]

What is a brain? Biology and Evolution

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This is a mouse brain When did the first brains evolve? Flatworms were the first animals to evolve anything like a brain, but it's really just a thickened part of the main nerve at one end of the flatworm. That was about 550 million years ago, in the Proterozoic period. What is a [...]

What is a brazier? Heating and Cooking

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Brazier (Picture thanks to VROMA) Braziers and cooking A brazier (BRAYS-yer) is a kind of portable grill, usually made out of clay but sometimes out of bronze or iron, which held charcoal or wood fires. You used it to heat your apartment, or to cook on. The modern equivalent would be a little [...]