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21 07, 2017

Boddhisatva – Buddhism – religion

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A Song Dynasty statue of the boddhisatva Guanyin What is a boddhisatva? A boddhisatva, in Buddhist religion, was a holy man or woman.  They were special, closer to God than other people. They were like holy men in ancient West Asia, or saints in Christianity. Buddhists who were enlightened Among Buddhists, the main goal of life was to [...]

7 06, 2017

Who was Guanyin? Chinese Buddhist goddess

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Guanyin, from the Liao Dynasty (about 1000 AD) Guanyin was a Chinese Buddhist goddess based on a real woman, the way Guanti was based on a real man. According to the story, her father murdered her. Guanyin went down to the underworld. But when she got there, she recited the holy books, and that prevented [...]

6 06, 2017

Song Dynasty Chinese Art – Medieval China

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Fan Kuan, "Traveling amid Streams and Mountains" (National Palace Museum, Taipei) Landscape painting got even better under the Song Dynasty than it had been under the T'ang Dynasty that came before. Artists emphasized the simple lines of the mountains, rivers, and trees, trying to create a feeling with the fewest possible lines. Most [...]