Bernard of Clairvaux

3 08, 2017

Second Crusade – Medieval history

By |2020-04-14T15:00:48-07:00August 3rd, 2017|History, Medieval, West Asia|Comments Off on Second Crusade – Medieval history

Castle of Edessa After the First Crusade After the First Crusade in 1096 AD set up Christian kingdoms all along the coast of Israel and Lebanon, of course the Fatimid caliphs who had ruled that area before [...]

31 07, 2017

Romanesque Architecture – Medieval Europe

By |2018-04-10T22:48:55-07:00July 31st, 2017|Architecture, Medieval|Comments Off on Romanesque Architecture – Medieval Europe

Façade of Pisa's Duomo We call this kind of building Romanesque because it is a little like Roman architecture, with its columns and round arches. But people built Romanesque buildings around 1000-1200 AD instead [...]

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