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Plato and love – A story Plato told

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  Marriage bed (Louvre, Hellenistic period) Plato also suggested a theory about why people fall in love. He has his character Aristophanes tell a story about love. Once upon a time, says Aristophanes, everybody had four legs and four arms, and one head with two faces looking opposite directions, and they were whole [...]

Who was Aristophanes? Greek playwright

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Aristophanes: Greek krater bowl for mixing water and wine, with a scene from a comedy on it (Probably the Tarpoley Painter, about 400 BC) Political comedy Aristophanes (arr-iss-TA-fa-knees) lived in Athens at about the same time as Euripides, about 450-388 BC. But Aristophanes wrote comedies instead of tragedies. Most of Aristophanes' plays are [...]

History of cats – Where did cats come from?

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History of cats: Sumerian clay head of a cat (Iraq, ca. 3000-2000 BC) Evolution of cats Wildcats first evolved from earlier mammals in Europe during the late Tertiary period, about four million years ago. By around 50,000 years ago, wildcats had spread into West Asia, and by around 40,000 BC, there were cats [...]