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Ancient Greek astronomy

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Eclipse of the sun The art of astrology, the study of the stars in order to predict future events, and to interpret people's characters, was already very advanced before the Greeks began to interest themselves in the stars. The Egyptians and especially the Mesopotamians had done a lot of scientific observations and had named the constellations of stars, and [...]

Who was Hipparchus? Greek astronomy

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Antikythera mechanism: a clockwork machine to calculate how the earth and the sun move around Hipparchus was a Greek astronomer and mathematician. He used trigonometry to calculate how far away the moon was from the earth. And he worked on the problem of whether the earth went around the sun or the sun went around the earth. Hipparchus was born about 190 BC in Nicaea (now in Turkey), [...]

Ptolemies and Cleopatra – Greek Egypt

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Ptolemy I Soter, on a coin (He's trying to look like Alexander) Alexander conquers Egypt In 332 BC Alexander the Great and his Greek army conquered Egypt from the Persians who were ruling Egypt. At first the Egyptians thought he would make them independent again, but he did not. Alexander made Egypt part of [...]