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What is metal? Chemistry

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Copper ore in Iran Metals are atoms that attach themselves to other atoms in a particular way. Metal atoms, because of how their electrons are arranged, lose their electrons easily. When they join up with other atoms to make molecules, metal atoms join together by exchanging electrons. Because metal atoms join other metal [...]

Cooking pots – Copper science project – Chemistry

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Copper-bottomed cooking pot Because heat and electricity are closely related, copper is also a good conductor of heat. This is why good cooking pots often have copper bottoms. If you have any copper-bottom saucepans at home, try this experiment: boil the same amount of water in a saucepan with a copper bottom and [...]

Aluminum project – Soda cans and soup cans – Chemistry

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A simple project with aluminum You can see for yourself how aluminum is different from steel by comparing an empty aluminum can (a soda can) to an empty steel can (most canned food, like canned soup or tuna or ravioli). Aluminum soda can What is aluminum? Where does steel come from? Comparing steel [...]