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25 07, 2017

Mullah Nasruddin – Islamic Stories

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Grapes on a Seljuk period plate Nasruddin lived in the time of the Seljuk Sultans. One day Nasruddin was coming from the vineyard with baskets of grapes on his donkey. The children crowded around Nasruddin. "Give us some grapes!" they cried. "Let us taste them!" Nasruddin picked up a bunch of grapes and pulled one grape - [...]

20 07, 2017

Jataka Tales – Buddhist stories from India

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Jataka tales: the Crab and the Crane (Thanks to Alan Murphy) What are Jataka tales? During the 300s BC, when the Mauryan Empire was first uniting northern India, Buddhist monks and nuns in India began to tell stories about the earlier lives of the Buddha before he was reborn as the Buddha. Alphabetic writing was still pretty new and exciting in India at this time, [...]