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Hopewell history – Native Americans

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Hopewell Mound in Ohio About 200 BC, people - including the Adena people - formed a culture called the Hopewell culture (named after a farm where archaeologists first dug it up). These people lived in the Northeast and Midwest of North America (from modern New York to Missouri and from Wisconsin to Mississippi). Nobody knows for [...]

Adena history – Native Americans

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Adena Great Serpent Mound, Ohio (700 BC - 200 AD) People called the Adena lived along the Ohio river valley (in modern Ohio) during the Early Woodland period, beginning about 700 BC. These people were too far north to grow corn yet at this time. They probably chose leaders in a "big man" system. [...]

Early Native American art

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A Woodland period pipe shaped like a dog (from modern Alabama) We don't really have any art from North America in the Paleo-Indian period, before about 8000 BC. Even from the Archaic period (down to about 1000 BC), there isn't anything specifically created as art. Beginning near the end of the Archaic period, though, and then [...]