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A c-clamp

A c-clamp is a kind of screw – this screw project uses one.

Observation of screws

Get hold of a screw and a manual screwdriver and try screwing the screw into a piece of wood. (Make sure it is a scrap piece of wood.) Watch it as the screw goes in. How does it work? What happens if you turn the screwdriver the other way? Why? Does it matter which way you turn it at first? Why?

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Making a prediction

If you cut open the wood right across the screw hole, what do you think you will see? Now cut it open – were you right?

Checking out a C-clamp

Now try working with a C-clamp. What happens when you spin it around? Why? How about when you spin it the other way? Does it matter how long the turning stick is? Why?

Making more predictions

Compare several different C-clamps. Are the threads the same distance apart on each of them? Are the heads the same thickness? Check whether the sticks are the same length (or can you make them longer by slipping metal pipes over the ends of the sticks?) Which clamp will take more turns to close? Which will hold on the strongest when it is closed? Why?

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